25 October 2023

Quality Manager

Location: Coega – Port Elizabeth


  1. Ensure the adherence to the company`s rules and regulations as documented in the company`s disciplinary policy;
  2. Oversee all quality data collected by the quality, technical & production teams are accurate and in line with the inspection standards that are available to them;
  3. Oversee that all tools, materials, equipment and other measuring tools that are supplied and used by the quality & technical departments are in working order.
  4. Oversee the 5S (sort, sweep, shift, standardise, sustain) process to identify and eliminate waste in the quality technical departments;
  5. Oversee that all action is taken on equipment and machines that are out of the calibration & not in safe working conditions including test line and trade plate equipment;
  6. Oversee the control & monitor of all audits findings that was performed by the quality team or external parties for closure thereof;
  7. Oversee all break points/ batch numbers on issues that was previously highlighted during the inspection of parts and processes and that are now being tracked for improvements
  8. Oversee all the actions off all faulty quality equipment and tools on a monthly bases for proper setup including calibration thereof (torque wrenches, click wrenches, etc….) before the use of it;
  9. Oversee the local design drawing for parts that are locally manufactured for the local assembly process.
  10. Oversee that all legal documentations and audits are conducted as per schedule (Data dot, E-Mark);
  11. Oversee that the quality team champion the rejected form and parts that needs quality attention to make sure that the parts comply to the design and fitment intent;
  12. Oversee EMA by ensuring all uploading of all quality reports on a monthly basis;
  13. Provided input and training on SOP`s & process improvement’s when needed to improve on all processes and the standardisation thereof;
  14. Oversee the local design drawing for parts that are locally manufactured for the local assembly process;
  15. Manage, control and action any safety related problems that was reported to you that may hinder the inspection of the parts or processes immediately;
  16. Manage monthly quality report feedback to ensure that the respective team’s action any out of standard conditions and feedback on the SOP development per team;
  17. Manage the control of the quality WIP to an acceptable level weekly to mitigate the risk of not making monthly targets;
  18. Manage, action and monitor of all Voice of the customer or batch problem complaints/issues to make sure that all plant controllable items are contained, actioned and controlled and the SKD issues are fed back to the parent company;
  19. Manage and ensure that all ESS are up to date and processed with any personnel documentation as required;
  20. Manage all monthly quality meeting reports for the FPY that needs to be shared within the organisation;
  21. Manage all 3rd party audits findings and ensure that previous actioned items are closed or contained as per the findings;
  22. Manage the value-added cycle time on each process and job (Online inspection, Test line, PDI pit, Road test, Final sign off to improve on the sign off rate;
  23. Manage the Quality teams with regards to investigations and problem resolution and claim reports;
  24. Manage the certification process off all the new model launches including the BOM and part listing;
  25. Action any “out of standard” condition when being informed by the Quality team that needs immediate attention;
  26. Champion some of the problem-solving activities where possible by helping to identify the root cause and implementation of containment & corrective action processes (short term and long term);
  27. Do random checks on all back-up equipment on a regular basis to ensure it is in proper working condition and not out of the calibration or expiration period in line with NRCS requirements;
  28. Motivate and identify ways to eliminate waste in the areas of quality, scrap, stock reduction, energy, safety, equipment, material, space savings, process efficiency, etc;
  29. Motivate any continuous improvement process activities if it will save the organization money and also if it improves productivity when required;
  30. Ensure effective communicate and action within the Quality teams on any item that needs immediate attention on all models;
  31. Adhoc function which may fall in the ambit of the job requirements.


  • National Diploma Management
  • Degree in Quality (B-Tech)
  • QMS 9001:2015 Certification
  • VDA 6.3 Certification
  • Code 14 License advantageous

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