29 January 2021

Why The Trucking Industry Are Heroes of The Pandemic

Without any doubt, many industries have suffered during this time of the CORONA–19 pandemic, not the least of all the trucking industry. The fact, however that many industry players and even small businesses have survived and some even thrived through this period is testament to the resilience and determination of the men and women who serve them.

More than just surviving the pandemic, the trucking industry has had to put up their hands to volunteer to continue their services even at critical times like the start of the first wave and now again with a second wave.

Risking their lives

This has often been at risk of their lives. Drivers are not always just isolated in their vehicles, but also interacting with others at pick up and drop off points and on the road at truck stops etc. It means that all the people serving these areas of contact have been heroes of the pandemic because without them essential supplies simply would not have been made available to the medical fraternity or the public.

 Adapt or die

Like many other businesses all facets of the trucking industry needed to adapt to these new circumstances to survive and deliver. Health and safety protocols were greatly heightened and rapidly put into place. 

In many cases, shifts had to increase for Drivers and this is in itself a great risk factor. Many Drivers were out there going far above and beyond their normal line of duty whilst being worried about their families and their survival.

An industry of resilient people

It takes an industry of highly resilient people to not only serve but even shine regardless of the circumstances they may be facing. It is because of the metal of this industry that when floods have occurred or any form of a natural disaster; when roads are clogged with an overflow of traffic as in public holidays; when the risks on the road of higher volumes of traffic increase immeasurably; when industry rivalry resulted in torching vehicles and now when fighting the forces of a pandemic to keep people alive – these men and women simply endured and continued to serve their country.

Where to next

Sadly as we entered 2021 the circumstances being faced by the industry have not changed or improved much. After a short period of respite that allowed us to come up and breathe for a while, we were sucked under the water again by the second wave of this scourge.

All that we can do is to be more of the same kind of heroes we have been all along. Easier said than done of course, but the trucking industry in South Africa is made of stern stuff. 

What comes to mind are the words of our former President Mandela, a shining example of resilience, when he said “I learned that courage was not the absence of fear, but to triumph over it. The brave man is not he who does not feel afraid, but he who conquers that fear.”

All we as an industry can do is fight our fear and get on with it – and that’s exactly why the trucking industry are heroes of the pandemic!

The truck manufacturers that care

As a company that has been building, selling and servicing great vehicles for this industry for many years FAW is very proud to be a part of it and will always be there to support all who need us. 

Contact us if you want to learn more about our new and premium pre-owned vehicles and excellent after-sales warranties, servicing, parts and technical and Driver assistance.

Be careful – stay safe – and thank you for being the heroes that you are!

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