18 April 2024


30 Years of Robust, Reliable and Trusted Transportation Solutions Forged by 70 Years of FAW Heritage

Johannesburg, South Africa – FAW Trucks South Africa, a division of FAW Vehicle Manufacturers SA (PTY) Ltd, commemorates over three decades as a pioneering leader in the African commercial vehicle landscape. Founded on the powerful legacy of the FAW Group Corporation, China’s oldest and largest vehicle manufacturer, FAW Trucks South Africa has earned a formidable reputation for its rugged, dependable, and cost-effective transportation solutions, meticulously engineered to conquer the continent’s unforgiving terrains.

A 70 Year Legacy of Innovation and Growth

FAW’s remarkable journey traces its origins to 1953 when its headquarters and first production facilities opened in Changchun, China, as a key initiative under the country’s first five-year economic plan. This successful collaboration with the former Soviet Union laid the foundation for FAW’s rapid progress.

Over the ensuing decades, FAW achieved multiple pivotal milestones, including rolling out its millionth Jiefang truck in 1983 and successive generations of cutting-edge models. By 2018, the iconic seven millionth Jiefang truck, the 7th generation J7, rolled off the production line at the Changchun plant. 

Today, the FAW Group boasts more than 150 000 employees, a net profit of $6.8 billion USD and an annual sales volume of over 3,2 million vehicles. Ranked among the Fortune Global 500 and China’s Top 500 enterprises, FAW has led the Chinese nation’s automotive industry for 17 consecutive years.

Pioneering the African Market

Recognising the inherent value and durability of Chinese commercial vehicles, visionary entrepreneur Richard H. Leiter spearheaded FAW’s entry into South Africa in 1994. His partnership with the renowned FAW Group Corporation introduced an unparalleled Asian heritage and unrivalled global expertise to the local market.

“FAW Trucks South Africa exemplifies our unwavering commitment to delivering world-class products and services tailored to the unique demands of African markets,” said Mr Jian Yang, CEO of FAW Trucks SA. “Our success is built upon a foundation of continuous innovation, exceptional quality, and an unyielding dedication to customer satisfaction – hallmarks of the FAW brand for over 70 years.”

Investing in Local Growth and Empowerment 

In 2014, FAW Trucks South Africa reached a pivotal milestone with the inauguration of its state-of-the-art R600 million manufacturing facility in Coega, Port Elizabeth. Spanning 30,000 square metres, this plant represents one of the largest investments by a Chinese entity in South Africa, underscoring the company’s steadfast commitment to the local economy and job creation.

The cutting-edge Coega facility, with an annual production capacity of 5,000 units, includes a training centre, body shop, and paint shop. As a responsible corporate citizen, FAW Trucks South Africa provides much-needed employment opportunities to members of the local community.

African Footprint and Reliable Support

With an extensive dealer network, service centres, highly trained personnel, and a steady supply of parts, FAW Trucks South Africa offers unparalleled support and peace of mind to its customers across the continent. The company’s commitment to excellence extends beyond South African borders, serving as a central hub for expansion into emerging markets in Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Namibia, Botswana, Madagascar and Mauritius.

Undisputed Durability and Value

The entire product line of FAW Trucks have proven their mettle as robust and value-driven contenders in the local commercial vehicle market. Undeniable proof of the brand’s legendary durability lies in the fact that one of the first units sold in South Africa, carrying the original Jiefang designation, is still in operation as a backup vehicle at FAW Trucks’ local headquarters, having clocked over 1.5 million kilometres.

“FAW Trucks South Africa is a true success story, born from a vision to bring affordable, durable and reliable transportation solutions to Africa, forged by over 70 years of innovation from the FAW Group,” added Mr Yang. “We take immense pride in our rich heritage and remain steadfast in our pursuit of excellence, continuously striving to exceed the expectations of our valued customers.”

About FAW Vehicle Manufacturers SA (PTY) Ltd:

FAW Vehicle Manufacturers SA (PTY) Ltd, established in 1994, is a leading global player in commercial vehicle manufacturing, committed to delivering cutting-edge solutions. With over 70 years of experience and one of the only OEMs to have such a diverse and extensive range from small to extra heavy vehicles, FAW Trucks SA continues to be a trusted partner for businesses worldwide. 

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