8 February 2021

Truckers should spread the love – not the virus!

It is a sad but unavoidable fact that many young lovers will be very disappointed in this month of love – especially on Valentine’s Day. They cannot carry out all the usual rituals of inviting someone they have admired from afar to a romantic spot, share a bottle of bubbly and a great meal and get to know them for the first time.

The pandemic has obviously made this a difficult and possibly dangerous practice so even many lovers who popped the question a long time ago will be celebrating their love in the comparative safety of their own homes.

The question therefore is, as a Trucker or anyone in the trucking industry for that matter, how can we spread the love – without spreading the virus?

Many truckers out on the road and particularly those who are single and spend quite a bit of time doing overnight stops may well be tempted to find a new suitor, but we need to accept that right now it is just not wise to try to do so.

We simply don’t know if whoever we meet up with may be infected with the COVID-19 virus and so, just as we have always needed to take precautions against sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) we now have to be even more cognisant of contracting a virus that could easily be spread to co-workers and family!

What are the precautions?

It almost goes without saying and we have spoken about this in previous articles – remaining as isolated as possible at these times is simply the best thing for all of us to do to prevent contracting COVID-19 and eventually bring this pandemic to an end.

For those who have to interact within the course of their jobs – maintain the wearing of masks in any public scenario, sanitise regularly after all contact and of course practice standard social distancing. Obviously get vaccinated as soon as it is available to you too.

So how do we spread the love?

There are still ways we can ‘spread the love’ and here are a few ideas…

To your love ones…

Those of us who are married or already engaged in a relationship can still celebrate our love, but just think of ways to do so with less public exposure. Cook your partner a great meal and turn your own home into a fancy restaurant- or go to a restaurant by all means, but remember all the precautions and observe the curfew.

To the young…

Remember that Valentine’s Day is in honour of St Valentine – the Patron Saint of young people, so this is an especially hard time for young people seeking to find a new partner. Do something nice for them and reassure them that this time will pass.

To your co-workers…

Remember that the entire trucking industry has taken strain, so show an act of love to a co-worker – offer to relieve a burden you know they are carrying – maybe take their shift when they are in real need, or simply send small gifts of thanks for what they have done for you.

To everyone on the road…

Remember that every time a Truck takes to the road we have a responsibility to represent the Trucking industry in the best possible light. Let’s spread the love on the roads – try being extra polite and showing a smiling face to everyone we meet on the roads.

A work of love

For FAW South Africa, who have been building Trucks in South Africa for Africans for over 25 years, the manufacture, sale and after-sales services we provide are all a work of love every day of the year.

Find a dealership near you to view our excellent range of new and premium pre-owned Freight Carriers, Truck Tractors, Tippers and Mixers – or contact us directly for more on our great warranties and after-sales parts, training and servicing.

Be safe out there and start in this month of love by spreading the love – not the virus!

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