18 August 2022


  • FAW Trucks is an equal opportunities company
  • Women play a vital role in the structure and success of the company

Johannesburg – 18 August 2022 – Women are a major driving force at FAW Trucks South Africa, occupying leading positions in almost every department within the company and, while celebrating August as Women’s Month, believes it actually celebrates the contribution by women every working day of the year.

“The women we have working in our company play a huge role in the success we have since opening our doors in South Africa,” says Yongjun Li, CEO of FAW Trucks South Africa. “Their dedication, expertise and hard work is appreciated by everyone in the organisation and, I thank them on behalf of the company for everything they are doing.”

But, who are these women?

KIRSHA KRISHNA: Digital Marketing Specialist

Kirsha is hugely enthusiastic about her job that comes with a massive responsibility, as she is responsible for all marketing communication from FAW Trucks South Africa and is the custodian of the brand within the region and throughout the dealer network.

She is a ‘people person’ and loves the interaction with the dealers and other stakeholders as well as the support she receives from the company locally and cross border. .

“Since joining the FAW SA team, I can proudly say I feel most satisfied when I review the progress the brand has taken in terms of image, name, reputation and product in the last two years. 

“The brand value of FAW Trucks South Africa has become a powerful force in the commercial sphere and the effort I have made to push our team into the digital future is what I am most proud of. 

“My advice to young women job-seekers: Keep pushing and striving to reach your goal despite any obstacles that may present themselves to you. The unknown territory is always where you grow and learn the most.”

ZELDA COOK: Senior Warranty Administrator

Dealing with warranty claims sometimes involves angry or emotional customers but Zelda’s beaming smile and calm demeanour always keep things on an even keel as she resolves any of the issues raised.

She says her move from being a hairdresser into the motor industry was the best move she ever made and FAW Trucks has always been proactive in its support as her responsibilities increased.

“I love my job and, as a young girl, would not have thought a woman can make a success of it in a man’s world. But, through hard work and dedication I made it and I love every moment of it.  

“I think the personal achievement I am most proud of is my position at FAW head office.  Having the opportunity to positively influence other women in this career and help them build their career to the best of their ability.”

She smiles and winks as she says her job is made a lot easier by the fact FAW Trucks has a very low warranty burn rate and a lot of happy customers.

“My advice to women out there: With hard work and dedication anything is possible. Stay humble and never stop learning.”

MAMMY TSHALALA: Sales Support Co-ordinator

“‘Divine Feminine Energy’ is what I can best be described as – I am a strong-willed and hard-working woman,” says Mammy.

She relishes her work at FAW Trucks as the communication link between the salesperson and the client and is on hand to provide the backup sales needs to ensure the whole process runs smoothly and the client walks away happy.

“For me, progressing upwards and into the corporate environment is a personal achievement but one that is fully supported by FAW, which has guided and helped along my career path.

“My achievements are the small wins and completed tasks I get to tick off at the end of the day.” 

She notes the entire FAW Trucks sales team is extremely dedicated and more than willing to go the extra mile for customers, which means it is easy to take a great product and smoothly put in the hands of the customers.

“At FAW Trucks I simply want to do the best in every task assigned to me and cement myself in my role – I am privileged to be a woman within what is viewed as a male-dominated industry but still makes her own impact, support and encouraged by all the senior management.” 

My advice: Embrace your unique and imperfect self, and invest in yourself.

MINELENE HOLLAND: Sales and Marketing Analyst

“I relish the fact I have a variety of different responsibilities from the normal day-to-day administration to arranging events and travelling. I thoroughly enjoy being part of the FAW team and the transportation industry and feel confident in what I do, knowing the company is there to support me.”

Minelene is both a mother and a wife while working full time. In addition to that, FAW Trucks helped her recently to complete her Matric Certificate, a qualification that will help her grow her career path within the company.

“That has given me a major confidence boost and the certainty that I am an FAW employee the company can always be proud of.” 

My advice: Work hard, and be proud of who you are and what you do.  And most important…never give up.

“They say ‘without trucks, South Africa stops’,” says Li. “However, without the dedication of these and many other leading ladies in our company, FAW SA would not be achieving the success they have to date.”

Caption: L-R: Zelda Cook (Senior Warranty Administrator), Mammy Tshabalala (Sales Support Coordinator), Kirsha Krishna (Digital Marketing Specialist), Minelene Holland (Sales and Marketing Analyst).

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