11 August 2020

7 Attributes of a Truly Professional Trucker

It’s true to say we live in a stressful world. Coronavirus, the high pressures of work and for the professional Trucker, ever-increasing traffic particularly in ever-burgeoning urban areas. A trip from Johannesburg to Tshwane for example used to have a fair stretch of country road along the way, now it is a busy four-lane highway – jam-packed most of the day. 

It is an ever-changing world from a technological point of view too, and the high tech logistics that are employed today may make many Truckers feel like they are just numbers being moved from pillar to post.

Within the Industry as many Drivers know, there is a new breed of Truckers, who may have forgotten the essentials of what constitutes a real professional. It’s not enough to be able to deliver the loads to the right place, and on time, there are ethics and a certain demeanour that only true professionals adhere to and exhibit.

From the time they collect their load, all along the way and when the load is safely delivered there are 7 attributes of a truly professional Trucker…

  1. They always have a smile on their faces 

At the collection point, amongst all their colleagues and the Trucking business’ clients, if the Driver is employed by others, the true professional has a smile on their face and a good word to impart to all they meet. If you are not generally happy, then possibly you simply chose the wrong career, and even in tough times, a cheerful approach will always benefit others.

  1. They give way to others

It may be hard to do for many Drivers, but the true Professional knows there is always time to be polite. They will wait for other trucks to go ahead when leaving the truck stop and give way for others to go before them as they pull into truck stops and their final destination. Always remember you are driving a large vehicle that takes a little more time to manoeuvre – so have some patience.

  1. They will let others pass

This politeness should extend to the open road too, allowing others to pass whenever you sense that they are impatient, but obviously if it is safe for them to do so. It’s better to slow down a bit and let someone go by than to have them threatening an accident by hanging closely on your tail!

  1. They will ignore the rudeness of others

You will always recognise a true professional by the way they’re simply not bothered by others who are being rude. They know they are driving and behaving correctly, and if others are incensed because they are impatient, they know it is simply part of the job description to ignore them. Remember a cheerful smile and a wave will completely disarm someone giving the finger!

  1. They will always help others

The professional will stop to help a fellow Driver in distress, or even a member of the public if they deem it safe to do so. Sadly we do live in a time that as a Driver you need to assess if it is safe to stop, especially if you are a female Driver. If not, at least radio for help on their behalf.

  1. They are always the true professional

The true professional is someone who assumes their role proudly and does not waiver from it whatever their personal circumstances may be. If your company has given you a uniform to wear, then wear it proudly. Remember these 4 ‘D’s of a real professional – Dress well, Drive well, Deliver on time and Don’t ever let your fellow drivers down!

  1. He takes pride in the vehicles he drives 

A truly Professional trucker always takes pride in their vehicle, looking after it and assuring it is still in great shape. That’s why we at FAW take such great pride in the vehicles we manufacture and supply.

We are South Africans who make the best there is for Africa, and our impressive range of new and used Freight carriers, Mixers, Truck Tractors and Tippers offers the highest quality vehicles available anywhere. All come with excellent warranties and 24/7 after-sales service. 

Check out our current special offers, visit one of our countrywide dealers or contact us directly for free advice and quotations. Remember always to be a true professional – and be safe out there!

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