7 April 2020

Trucking heroes face multiple challenges during lockdown

We are diverting from our usual series of ‘great trucking advice’ by taking a look at the many challenges that are facing truckers at this time. They really are our unsung heroes as regardless of this virus that is threatening so many lives, they need to keep trucking to deliver essential goods to us all.

Truckers are always faced with the danger of simply being on our roads and the inevitable accidents that can happen, but in these times, they face much more. They not only face the health threat of COVID-19 as they are not in lockdown, but out and about and being exposed to others, but they are facing certain other challenges too. Here are just a few of them…

Truck hijacking takes a COVID twist

One case of ‘COVID hijacking’ was reported in the news on the day that the lockdown began and the local report told of a brazen and somewhat hair- raising experience for the trucker involved. It went on to say in essence that “the robbers clothed themselves in ‘COVID-19 gear’ – a clear indication they don’t want to get infected with the dreaded coronavirus.

As a bonus, the mask and gloves shielded their faces while fingerprints were safely hidden inside the surgical gloves. Digital True North said on their Facebook page that the truck was forced off the road on the Friday at 15:54 just outside Rustenburg. They further reported that the driver was found unharmed and the truck was also found abandoned later.

One of the suspects was armed, and they were using a silver Mercedes Benz as their getaway car. It is not known if more suspects involved in the hijacking.”

Cross-border road transport restrictions

Truckers who go cross border are at this time also facing certain restrictions, and we thought our truckers might want to know these facts:

  • All cross-border road passenger movements have been prohibited during the lockdown.
  • Cross-border freight movement has continued to and from neighbouring countries

Drivers licence renewals

Vehicle testing centres and driver’s licence testing centres have been closed, but should your driver’s licence expire during the duration of the lockdown, it shall be deemed to remain valid until the end of the lockdown. The grace period of renewal is within 14 working days thereafter unless otherwise determined.

Some things don’t change

It’s at times like these that Drivers are glad to be driving solid, reliable new or used trucks like those found in the range available from FAW, built in South Africa for Africa. Regardless of any change or challenges, our standard warranties and 24/7 roadside assistance will keep the wheels of our FAW customers turning.

Contact us or go to our website to find a dealership near you and find out about our incredible range of tried and tested top-quality freight carriers, truck tractors, tippers and mixers.

There is no doubt that truckers, like medical workers and all those who provide essential services, are the superheroes of his time. Be proud and be strong – as these challenges, like all others, will eventually pass. Most importantly, be safe out there!

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