15 July 2020

Trucker safety tips – what you’re watching could save your life!

As always we want to praise the many Truckers who continue to operate throughout the pandemic, as it is still very real and we have a long way to go before it is over.

We posted what we hoped were some useful articles on Driver safety in relation to dealing with COVID-19, which now that we have entered phase three and things are beginning to normalise, we hope Drivers are still practising.

We feel it is time to move on now though and talk about a safety issue that every Driver should be very aware of all the time – and that is that what you’re watching could save your life!

Yes, the eyes are your most valuable asset when it comes to being a professional Driver and little wonder that after hours of concentration, it is the eyes that grow most weary. So, let’s take a look at a few essential safety practices relating to what you are watching when on the road.


As all Drivers know, one of the largest cause of accidents is through taking your eyes off the road. It only takes a minor distraction and a split second to stop looking straight ahead. The golden rule of thumb is if you need to do anything that you can’t do while still looking straight ahead at the road – then don’t do it.

The cell phone has become one of the biggest distractions and exactly why its usage whilst driving is prohibited!

Be far-sighted

Not only keep your eyes on the road but look and think ahead as far as possible. Observe off-ramps, roadworks, other vehicles driving poorly etc. Also, look for low bridges or low hanging wires. Remember that anything that doesn’t look quite right could be trouble. Rather be suspicious than complacent.

Glancing around is important

Remember, you can glance around. In fact, it is necessary to check your wing and rear-view mirrors constantly. Always know who’s behind you or might be trying to overtake. Also always look for an escape route if you sense trouble. If you see a car ahead coming the other way trying desperately to overtake – rather pull back and pull over to ensure if he overtakes at the wrong time, you will not be in his path.

Make space 

Always keep a good space between you and the Truck or car ahead, ensuring you have better visibility and a better chance to brake on time. In fact, try if you can to keep this safety distance all around you. If the car behind you is right up your rear then just let him pass and hope the next guy will know the rules of the road.

Check your gauges

Again, just with a glance, keep an eye on the important info you can get from your front panel gauges, your GPS and even have a weather gauge to warn of inclement or dangerous conditions. These all have functions to warn you of issues and advise on better routes etc.

Be looking good

While your eyes are on the road, many other Driver’s eyes will be on your FAW freight carrier, Truck tractor, tipper or mixer – all rugged vehicles built in South Africa for Africans.

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Contact us today to learn more – and always be safe out there!

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