25 January 2021

Trends in the trucking industry going into 2021

Without any question, 2020 will be looked back on as a year full of surprises and challenges – as much for the trucking industry as any other. COVID-19 turned everything on its head and brought challenges many of us had never previously faced. 

As a result, we saw many heroes emerge in the trucking industry. While many were safely holed up in their homes during the level 5 lockdown, many truckers, like the medical fraternity, were out in the front line delivering emergency supplies at risk to their own wellbeing. 

The virus and the many other challenges the local industry faced as the year progressed were a stark reminder that the only thing certain is that nothing is certain – and that Truckers and the industry, in general, are resilient and committed to delivering at any cost.

Now as we hurtle into 2021 we are still facing the COVID scourge, with even a new strain to contend with, but there is light at the end of the tunnel and that’s where we need to keep our eyes fixed.

Global trends are always of interest to South Africans as we largely take our lead from international counterparts and follow accordingly. Most of these trends are expected to be mirrored in the South African trucking industry too…

Global trends for 2021

According to Linchpin, one of the premier US trucking online publications “Industries all over the world are experiencing rapid development owing to the incredible application of technology that is now being experienced. Corporate offices are beginning to employ a number of software programs to help make their operations more efficient and streamlined. Trucks that are being used are now being equipped with far better technology than ever before, and more trucks are beginning to incorporate ‘smart’ technology to improve the functionality of the vehicle.”

The trucking industry will, as in 2020, experience a lot of upheavals and sadly some losses like a significant drop in the retail industry causing many trucking companies to fold without enough loads to service this market. This is likely to result in a significant number of mergers, with larger companies buying in smaller counterparts for specific services. The upside is that an upturn in the markets is expected to save many companies who may otherwise have had to fold. Let’s hold thumbs for that one! 

Other trends will include: price fluctuations dependant on market demand; continued growth of e-commerce which relies pretty heavily on hauliers – which can improve things for truckers; Fuel prices as always are likely to rise, but the good thing about this is that there will be more eco-friendly options available to truckers, so sustainability responsibility is something that the trucking industry will need to take into account.

Local trends  

That last point is in fact one of the major issues being addressed on a local level as COVID-19 has shown us that with less vehicle on the road our carbon footprint can be significantly reduced. No doubt we will face pretty much the same challenges as we faced in 2020, including industry rivalry for areas where the business is shrinking and of course managing the pandemic responsibly to ensure personnel safety.

FAW will still lead the way

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