1 April 2021

There is life beyond the pandemic For the Trucking industry

It is not unusual for the Trucking industry to feel the brunt of any huge recession in the economy, as it is an industry that hinges on the flow of trade in good economic times. When the tsunami of the COVID-19 pandemic struck, many truckers took to their homes along with fellow South Africans and so many wheels came to a complete standstill.

There were, of course, the heroes of the pandemic, those Truckers that risked their lives to deliver essential services but obviously these were limited numbers. The ensuing recession hit hard, and it is going to be a while before the Trucking industry fully recovers.

Some definite changes will take place and we do believe enough positive ones to ensure that there is life beyond the pandemic for the Trucking industry. So, what are some of these changes likely to be?

More offices will operate virtually and remotely

The Trucking industry is not just about drivers on the road. It is a massive industry that relies on administration and communications just like any other. When COVID-19 hit many took to their homes and now see many benefits to this. Cost savings of time, petrol and reduced office space in difficult financial times are hard to say ‘’no’’ to.

Safer driving conditions

Due to this trend of working more virtually, there is significantly less traffic on the roads which should theoretically improve Driver safety. This is very good news in an industry that suffers from a high rate of damages and lives lost due to accidents. Added to that quicker trips will improve efficiency and lower wear and tear on the vehicles.

Less Driver turnover

The trucking industry has historically had a high Driver turnover but due to economic uncertainty and job losses during the pandemic, as well as fewer operators who will have survived the economic downturn, driver loyalty is likely to improve.

e-commerce will create a retail delivery boom

As the virtual world has induced more online shopping and e-commerce is booming, this will create opportunities for those delivering retail goods to homes. Although this may be more of a benefit to smaller operators, it will boost new SME trucking entities at a time that they will need it most.

The digital world will be paramount 

The more we operate any business from home in a more virtual world, the more we will rely on technology. As one observer put it “Overall, 2021 will be digital. Productivity, efficiency and digital technology deployment with a rationalised profit and cash-flow model are the only solutions for the industry as a whole.”

Truckers will still buy the best trucks

One thing that will never change is the quality of the great trucks that we at FAW manufacture and sell, whether they be brand new or premium preowned vehicles. We will continue, post-pandemic, offering a great service and after-sales services too.

You need only talk to us and look into our excellent ‘Total quality care’ after sales, parts and servicing initiatives to know that we are absolutely convinced there is not only life beyond the pandemic for the Trucking industry but a very bright future!

Be safe and be careful out there.

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