25 March 2021

Seven ‘A’s to keep accidents away and always arrive alive!

As we embark on a well-earned Easter holiday break in early April, all Truckers will probably be approaching this time with caution and some trepidation. There has long been a standing war between Truckers and motorists and many an accident has been caused because of driver’s on both sides either not obeying the rules of the road, or more likely, through sheer impatience.

The road fatality statistics around this time of year are always so shocking that we thought it appropriate to review a few of the vitally important aspects of what Truckers and motorists can do to try to save lives and arrive alive themselves.

Here then are seven ‘A’s to keep accidents away and always arrive alive!


Awareness and Anticipation

In some ways, the safest way to drive is to imagine that every other driver on the road is incapable and likely to do something wrong any minute. Always be aware of what is happening around you, anticipating what could happen next.


Awake and Alert

Being fully awake at all times is essential. If for one moment you feel drowsy it is vital that you pull over and rest. Even if this means arriving late, it could save another life or your own. It goes without saying that drunk driving is out of the question, as this compromises your ability to remain alert at all times and to anticipate a problem.


Away and at ease

Keeping a good distance away from all other vehicles is an essential part of safety on the roads. It is not rocket science to figure out that several moving objects need space behind and in front of them to ensure safety if any of them need to stop suddenly! The solution to this is in one word – ‘patience.’ Remain at ease at all times on the road. Motorists are particularly guilty of sitting right in the tail of trucks and then overtaking at the wrong time simply due to impatience…


An Arrive Alive Attitude

Following on from that is this last and most important rule of the road. Always have an ‘arrive alive’ attitude. Exercise patience, be courteous, assist each other on the road and be determined to arrive whatever time that may be. The only thing that matters is that you are alive when you get there. Remember that lives are precious. Not only your own but your passengers and any other road user.


FAW cares

FAW South Africa has for many years been supporting the Trucking industry through the supply of great new and premium pre-owned vehicles, and their Drivers and staff through Driver training and technical training programs.

We truly do care about the people in this industry and want to see all our Drivers arrive alive this Easter and throughout the year. Talk to us about any ways we can assist you – and be careful out there!

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