11 November 2019

Homegrown trucks with an international background

In any country with the kind of economic issues we in South Africa face, international investment is a much-needed injection of capital. Even more importantly, if that investment includes the creation of an established manufacturing facility, which provides much-needed employment, it is to be welcomed with open arms.

Thanks to the astute assessment by successful entrepreneur Richard H. Leiter of the value of a range of Chinese trucks for our harsh and demanding conditions, just such a company was formed in 1994. More importantly, within 20 years of its foundation, a range of homegrown trucks with an international background was born.

History in the making The company formed was FAW Vehicle Manufacturers SA (PTY) LTD and immediately recognising the importance of their corporate social responsibility, a manufacturing plant, built at the cost of R600 million, based in Coega in the Eastern Cape was established.

History was made on the 10th of July 2014 when the first FAW commercial vehicle, wholly made in SA, rolled off the assembly line. What a significant achievement this was for FAW South Africa and the people who had worked so hard for it.

FAW had finally realised its dream to provide the opportunity for South African’s to buy locally made Chinese origin trucks and today the plant builds an entire 14-model range of commercial vehicles sold in South Africa locally.

In 2016, FAW Vehicle Manufacturers South Africa (Pty) Ltd produced the 2 000th locally built truck at the plant, just two years after the first – a magnificent achievement which has, in turn, lead to the plant’s current capacity to produce over 5 000 trucks per annum!

No ordinary facility

This is no ordinary facility either. The 30 000m² Coega plant has state of the art training facilities and is one of few local OEMs to have built a three 000m² Truck Body-building Shop, together with an appropriate Paint Shop Facility. The paint Shop Facility is equipped with state of the art technologies to produce long-lasting truck body paint and finish.

Always putting its people first, FAW’s compliance with all health and safety, environment and quality (SHEQ) standards is rigidly practised. Designed in accordance with environmental recommendations and standards, the plant is efficient, cost-effective, and the buildings are well equipped with ample ventilation, natural light and wide aisle space.

No ordinary people

We believe that a company that cares for its people is always rewarded. Thanks to our disciplined and dedicated workforce, we have not only maintained standards but have received an international FAW award in recognition for our outstanding quality!

From importer to exporter

The measure of a real success story is in the extent of the final outcome and this is an impressive one. Today this range of homegrown trucks with an international background is achieving international aspirations! FAW South Africa is now supplying trucks not only to the South African market but the rest of Africa as well. The current projections are that eventually only 40% of our products will be destined for South Africa, whilst 60% will be exported. Contact us to receive the personalised attention we so pride ourselves on conveying to all our customers and visit our website to view our full range of proudly South African manufactured vehicles.

We are now a true business citizen of South Africa and have positively affirmed our original assessment of SA with our motto – ‘Built in South Africa, for Africa!’

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