29 June 2020

Getting back on track for Truckers after the pandemic

As things get back to normal post-pandemic, there are a lot of Truckers and small trucking businesses that are taking strain from possibly long periods of not working. Sure, we had plenty of Trucking heroes, who continued to deliver emergency good throughout the pandemic, but it was not the case for every business.

Some smaller trucking companies, like one man carriers, now have to struggle to get back on track, and some individual Drivers will have had to take pay cuts. This article deals with both and talks about getting back on track for Truckers after the pandemic.

Getting your small business back on track

Of course, every business is different and will have been affected differently, but here, in essence, are the three phases of getting back on track after the storm has passed…

Review the damage

Do some damage control. Check what losses you have incurred, income, staff, clients etc. Be thorough and make sure your financials are right up to date, so you get an accurate report.

Go back to your original business plan. Did you have any contingency built in to help you through such times? Most businesses are encouraged to have at least a few months income available for just such times.

Redirect your operations

Look into whether you need to get some financial assistance. There has been quite a lot available during this period, and this article may help – relief and advice for SMMEs weathering the storm. Also, decide on where you will go from here from a structural point of view.

Can you change the operation to be more effective on less budget? There have been the advantages of lowered petrol prices and some businesses selling stock very cheaply. Can you benefit from these and how?

Reset your goals for the future

Now reset your goals and create a definite timeline for when you expect to be back to where you were pre-pandemic. Stick with your new budgets and plans and ensure you build in some contingency plans for any future upheavals.

4 point plan for Drivers who took pay cuts

For those Drivers who, due to the difficulties their companies are facing, have taken pay cuts, here is a simple 4 point plan to help deal with it and soften the blow…

  1. Re-adjust your budget – prioritising your most important expenses and cutting non-essentials
  2. Negotiate with creditors. Almost all creditors are extremely flexible at this time and will allow a more extended period to pay
  3. Look into other sources of income – i.e. talk to your family and look around for interest-free or low-interest loans
  4. Look into possible other ways to earn money – is their part-time work you can do – or maybe a home-based product you could sell at a market in your spare time?

FAW will be with you

Whatever your circumstances, FAW, with advice pieces like this one, our Total Quality Care initiatives and assistance and an impressive range of new and used vehicles, many offering the lowest cost per ton available anywhere, will always be there for you.

Contact us, or find a dealership near you for all the advice you will need on your next purchase of any of South Africa’s finest Freight carriers, Truck tractors, Tippers and Mixers. Like every other dark cloud, even COVID-19 will eventually pass and given time and the high resilience always shown by our people; we will get back on track – so stay positive and stay safe!

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