30 June 2022


  • Independent Truck Test 2022 results confirm fuel efficiency
  • Local assembly helps keep pricing and operational costs down  
  • National parts supply and aftersales service as important as product reliability

Johannesburg – 30 June 2022 – FAW Trucks are highly fuel efficient and this is backed up by excellent results in the recent 2022 Focus Transport Truck Test event, with the JH6 28.500FT claiming a second in terms of fuel efficiency, against some of the best brands in the industry.

“Many of us are tired of hearing about increases to petrol and diesel prices. The stress of frequent fuel tax climbs adds to the complexities of running a business in South Africa. Despite the costs saved with diesel vehicles, fuel-efficient trucks save your business money,” says Yongjun Li, CEO of FAW Trucks South Africa.

“FAW Trucks have been tested and reviewed against the standard of market leaders, not only in South Africa, and this is done to ensure we align consumption, performance and efficiency and are always striving for better results – as shown in the recent local tests.

These fuel-efficiency reviews ensure our trucks are up with the best when it comes to cost per km. Furthermore, FAW’s fuel costs often came below most of its industry counterparts.

The route used for the test included a return trip from Johannesburg to Pinetown on what is the busiest and one of the most challenging freight routes in the country. All the vehicles involved in the test were driven over the route on the same day and at the same time to ensure absolute parity of test conditions.

“Right now, for any transport operator, total cost of operation is first and foremost when it comes to selecting vehicles and FAW Trucks has a proud history of carefully matching engines and performance to the stated capabilities of our trucks in order to maximise efficiency in every aspect, including fuel consumption.”

In terms of maximising cost efficiencies, FAW Trucks has a significant advantage due to the location and efficiency of its Coega plant, making the prices of FAW trucks extremely competitive.

Also, FAW offers a wide range of trucks and parts to suit business needs., The FAW’s mighty truck range gives businesses the options in terms of durability and price in a variable economy.

Furthermore, FAW dealerships allow clients to receive tailor-made quotations that reflect various build and capacities to exactly match the weight, performance, engine, and brakes required to serve specific needs.

“FAW is a major player in the trucking business. Since the 1990s, we have partnered with other major manufacturers, ensuring we put our customers first. Our production and logistics networks aim for sustainable growth,” adds Yongjun Li. “Thus, our trucks are not isolated in design and manufacturing expertise and, neither is our service network.”

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