13 March 2019


FAW South Africa delivered stationary and other much-needed supplies to the Feed the Children Project in a rural settlement in Benoni, Johannesburg, on 13 April 2018. Project feed the children care for orphans and widows, by providing food, clothing, shelter, counseling aid, employment opportunities, and, self-empowerment training to assist them in supporting themselves. The project currently has a fully operational book library within a shipping container at the one settlement, as well as a kitchen where they prepare and serve hot meals to children and pensioners. In addition, the project focuses on early childhood development within the rural areas and FAW SA delivered several items to the project, including plastic chairs, educational charts, clay, puzzles and general stationary. These items will go a long way in assisting with the project aimed at underprivileged and orphaned children/ The donations were gratefully received by Pastor Dumisani Madi who welcomed Minelene and Phindulo at their premises in Benoni.

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