12 October 2020

Brawn And Beauty Combine To Pay Tribute To An Exceptional Female Entrepreneur

When local company Magnum Sand and Stone, received the latest of their already extensive fleet of vehicles from FAW S.A, it was something to behold. A massive ‘rosy pink’ coloured 33.420FT truck and trailer combination that gave a completely new meaning to the term ‘pink power!’

This vehicle represented, not only a special gift to a very valued client, but because it was delivered in National Women’s month in South Africa, the empowerment of women everywhere. The name of the vehicle – June – The woman recipient – June Jenkins, the heart and soul of this successful Alberton based family business.

A great partnership

FAW S.A, and in particular dealership FAW Isando, had once again gone the extra mile for this very special client with whom there has been a relationship spanning some 18 years. It was, in fact, a symbolic gesture by husband and owner Ian Jenkins, to mark June’s Birthday and pay tribute to this remarkable woman and loved ones she has lost along the way.  

The Magnum Sands Slogan ‘’The Sky is the limit’’ is a testament to the company’s growing commitment to succeeding in the highly competitive South African construction industry. FAW SA and FAW Isando are honoured to be a part of this success story and with the accolades that June bestows upon them, confident that the meaningful relationship will continue to flourish in the years to come.

“The support from both an aftersales and sales perspective is fantastic” enthuses June “and in our industry, your relationship with your supplier is of paramount importance – and above all communication is everything.’’

Inspirational words

In celebration of Women’s Month, we asked June what advice she would offer aspiring businesswomen operating in or entering the market today – ‘’Surround yourself with the right people, people that you trust and those who have the company’s best interests at heart. Like our businesses’ relationship with FAW, a business is like family, it takes trust, commitment and a passion for what you do to ensure success’’

When next you see a ‘rosy pink’ 33.420FT truck and trailer turn the corner – trust your eyes – it’s just a symbol of the great power of brawn and beauty combined.

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