durability and longevity

FAW South Africa

FAW first established a presence in South Africa in 1994, becoming a local frontrunner in this highly competitive vehicle industry. Our local founder and successful businessman, Richard H. Leiter, recognised the inherent value in Chinese brand trucks. Realising that the FAW brand was based on a unique level of durability and longevity unrivalled by other Asian brands. The FAW SA brand and its acclaimed products have been in South Africa for more than 25 years, and has firmly entrenched itself in the local transport industry landscape. Since FAW first established a local presence in South Africa it has grown from very humble beginnings to a multimillion Rand undertaking. One of the first units sold in South Africa is still running today and carries the original name – Jiefang – and has clocked over 1,5 million kilometres – unmatched proof of the FAW brand’s durability. FAW Vehicle Manufacturers SA (PTY) Ltd is committed to offering vehicles, which are engineered, developed and rigorously tested to meet the harsh operating conditions in Africa.

In addition to its excellence in the trucking business, FAW also understands its corporate social responsibility as evidenced by its consistent investment into the South African economy such as The manufacturing plant, built at a cost of R600 million, is based in Coega in the Eastern Cape.

South Africa serves as the hub, central to our fast growing local market and exports into Africa and boasts an extensive dealer network, service centres with steady, reliable parts supplies, and highly trained sales and service personnel. FAW is committed to ongoing expansion into the emerging markets of Mozambique, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Malawi, Namibia and Angola in order to entrench FAW Vehiicle Manufacturers SA (PTY) Ltd as a major distribution hub for trucks and parts on the African subcontinent.

FAW Vehicle Manufacturers SA (PTY) Ltd is a major local and contemporary brand that offers a product range that is hardy, reliable and affordable, offering competitive pricing without compromising on quality in any way. This is made possible because our policy of simplifying the mechanics of our vehicles. The company prides itself on providing value for money and this, in combination with being a world-class product, has made FAW Vehicle Manufacturers SA (PTY) Ltd one of this country’s frontrunners in the truck industry

‘Total customer satisfaction’ is foundation of the China FAW Group Corporation and FAW Vehicle Manufacturers SA (PTY) Ltd vision. In order accomplish this vision, we ensure we have the finest state-of-the-art technologies, superior production methods and effective management systems at our disposal.

At FAW Vehicle Manufacturers SA (PTY) Ltd we conduct ourselves and our business dealings based on four principal values. These we apply equally to our customers, our community, our employees, our dealers, our partners and our suppliers.

These values are:

» Respect
» Communication
» Cooperation
» Regulation

durability and longevity

FAW International

The China FAW Group Corporation is China’s oldest and largest vehicle manufacturer today and is the majority shareholder in FAW Vehicle Manufacturers SA (PTY). The China FAW Group Corporation has brought together their Asian heritage and unrivalled experience in the global vehicle-manufacturing sphere. The China FAW Group Corporation manufactures a large range of vehicles including passenger cars, light, medium and heavy trucks, coach chassis, municipal transit and intercity buses, luxury tourist coaches, mini vehicles, engines, commercial trucks, SUVs and pickups, transmissions, axels and components and parts.

The company was formerly known as First Automotive Works, founded in 1953, breaking ground on its first factory. The first product produced to the company’s stringent standards in 1956 was, the 4-ton Jiefang CA-10, some of these units are still operating to this day. First Automotive Works initially made only commercial vehicles, but started producing passenger cars in 1958. In 1992, the name First Automotive Works was changed to China FAW Group Corporation, which today is based in Changchun, China. FAW was one of the first Chinese automakers to partner with Westerners. Its earliest joint venture was with Volkswagen in 1990.Others soon followed, including Toyota and General Motors.

The group has its own product planning, development, engineering design, test and verification, as well as certification capabilities. It has China’s largest base for research, development and testing of finished vehicles, bodies, chassis, engines, replacement parts, new processes and new materials.

Since 1984, when vehicles were first exported, the FAW Group has provided products and services to more than 70 countries across six major export regions of the globe. The group has more than 50 tier-1 agents, and in excess of 350 tier-2 distributors. Proud to be number one, FAW is continuously in pursuit of perfection and proud to be the market leader in China.

FAW has 17 wholly owned subsidiaries and 15 holding companies. Of these, four are listed companies. The group employs more than 130 000 people, has assets of over RMB 134 billion (R240 billion), and an annual sales volume of over 3.1 million vehicles.

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