11 November 2019

4 pillars of support your truck manufacturer’s network should provide!

You hear it all too often. People who buy trucks for their vital work fleets who are let down or disappointed in one way or another. They are not backed up with a real support system and so parts, servicing and especially inadequate warranties become problematic, in some cases after quite a short time.

Well, before you even make the decision to purchase your next work vehicle, whether it is a freight carrier, truck tractor, tipper or mixer, here are 4 pillars of support your truck manufacturer’s network should provide …if they don’t, look around until you find the one that does!

1 Parts, servicing and an adequate dealer network

Ensure that your truck manufacturer’s network is adequate. This should cover a dealer network at least in Gauteng, Durban and the Cape. Parts should be immediately available to these dealers and self-servicing customers.

The company’s dealers should be able to provide service facilities with up to date, state of the art equipment and highly trained technicians, able to competently service and repair all your work vehicles.

2 Technical training

For those who prefer to utilise their own workshops and facilities, your manufacturer’s network should be able to offer your people specialised technical training. This will ensure that your fleet is optimally maintained. Customers in need of specialist maintenance should also be assisted.

3 Driver training

Exceptional manufacturers even provide driver training at the customer’s request and in particular for any driver who needs additional training to ensure they are obtaining the optimal output on a vehicle.

4 Warranties, customer service and remote support

FAW Vehicle Manufacturers SA (PTY) Ltd who offer an excellent range of FAW work vehicles tick all of these boxes, including offering the following:

Service plans – 3 years on 5-ton vehicles; Full maintenance plans – 3 years on 8-ton vehicles. Good reliable service plans and warranties are essential.

FAW also operates through an approved and accredited dealer network, providing sales and service support across the Southern African region. After-sales agents have been specially trained to provide emergency service support to customers wherever they may need it.

We support our customers 24/7/365, whether on or off-road, with a FAW dedicated number linked to a ‘trigger number’ answered at a specialised Emergency Call Centre. If the incident can’t be immediately resolved telephonically, where required, assistance with towing is arranged.

Find a dealership near you or contact us directly to ensure that when you purchase your next work vehicle, you will have the 4 pillars of support your truck manufacturer’s network should provide! 

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