durability and longevity

FAW South Africa

Whether you’re looking for a tipper, mixer, tanker, flatbed, truck tractor or a freight carrier you can rest assured that when you choose a second-hand FAW, you’re getting a top quality used truck in good condition.

If you don’t see what you’re looking for, check back soon as we’re constantly adding 2nd hand trucks to our showroom.

Price Range
2022 FAW 28.280FD
R 875,000 excl VAT
2022 FAW 16.240FT
R 865,000 excl VAT
2022 FAW 15.180FL
R 495,000 excl VAT
2019 FAW JH6
R 720,000 excl VAT
2018 FAW 8.140FL
R 395,000 excl VAT
2018 FAW 35.340FD
R 695,000 excl VAT
2016 FAW 6.130FL
R 265,000 excl VAT
2016 FAW 6.130FL
R 295,000 excl VAT
2016 FAW 16.240FT
R 395,000 excl VAT
2016 FAW 15.180FL
R 585,000 excl VAT
2016 FAW 16.240FT
R 565,000 excl VAT
2015 FAW 8.140FL
R 220,000 excl VAT
2015 FAW 35.340FC
R 600,000 excl VAT
2015 FAW 15.180FL
R 265,000 excl VAT
2015 FAW 15.180FD
R 375,000 excl VAT
2013 FAW 15.180FL
R 300,000 excl VAT
2016 (Various) Mixers
R 395,000 excl VAT