Premium Pre-Owned Trucks

Price Range

2022 FAW 28.280FD

R 875,000 excl VAT

2022 FAW 16.240FT

R 865,000 excl VAT

2022 FAW 15.180FL

R 495,000 excl VAT

2019 FAW JH6

R 720,000 excl VAT

2018 FAW 8.140FL

R 395,000 excl VAT

2018 FAW 35.340FD

R 695,000 excl VAT

2016 FAW 6.130FL

R 265,000 excl VAT

2016 FAW 6.130FL

R 295,000 excl VAT

2016 FAW 16.240FT

R 395,000 excl VAT

2016 FAW 15.180FL

R 585,000 excl VAT

2016 FAW 16.240FT

R 565,000 excl VAT

2015 FAW 8.140FL

R 220,000 excl VAT

2015 FAW 35.340FC

R 600,000 excl VAT

2015 FAW 15.180FL

R 265,000 excl VAT

2015 FAW 15.180FD

R 375,000 excl VAT

2013 FAW 15.180FL

R 300,000 excl VAT

Whether you’re looking for a tipper, mixer, tanker, flatbed, truck tractor or a freight carrier you can rest assured that when you choose a second-hand FAW, you’re getting a top quality used truck in good condition.

If you don’t see what you’re looking for, check back soon as we’re constantly adding 2nd hand trucks to our showroom.